had a weird zombie apocalypse dream last night.

slightly suspicious of noises outside the apartment >.>

Vespa is spending her easter sunday vigorously licking plastic bags and purring.

Jordan is planning on LARPing down in Duncan soon and so she’s been making an outfit from scratch the last few days. She doesn’t have a sewing machine so she’s literally doing 3 layers of a long ass dress all by hand. Her sewing techniques are incredible and I’m just sat here thinking about how I do not have the patience to do that stuff. It’s looking so good!

I’m thinking I’m back to that stage where I’m okay with my hair growing longer again.

I’m gonna be getting my background check photos and immigration photos taken this week and I bet I look end up looking goofy because it’s short. Ah well. 

Once it’s paid for and sent off, I think I’m gonna start going to the gym. Being motivated enough to go out late at night to use the park just doesn’t cut it. I miss using the weights and rowers. 

following the good news about being able to resubmit/having a 90 day extension, I’m going to get the police background check application sorted this coming week. It should take around 2-3 weeks and by the time it comes back we’ll be able to mail everything out at once. 

However, in our original application we wrote long letters about our relationship with each other and we’ll probably have to re-write them to make them more up to date.

ugh. my mum offers to help me with stuff and then when i say “yeah, that might be easier” she fucks around saying “well what about this alternative, or that one?”

don’t offer to fucking help if you don’t want to. jesus.

I’ve been playing AC: Black Flag the last couple of days. I’m trying to finish upgrading the Jackdaw so that I can take on the legendary ships and get the trophy.

Only problem is: The elite plans you need to collect before you can upgrade are at various shipwreck sites at the bottom of the sea. It’s only the biggest god damn fear I have.

Deep water. ships underwater, anything underwater-looking just gives me shivers.

Jordan and I watched The Hunt For Red October and I had to look away every time there was a sea shot. Ugh and sounds underwater are so gross. I hate it.

Most would say, “well, if you don’t like it, why are you doing it?”

My answer: I’m stupid. stupid and bored.

About that H&M issue the other day…

I contacted my bank requesting statements from the months april-august (I’m not sure which month I ordered the clothes and which month I paid), as I can’t access the transactions online. they said:

1. my transactions online only go 6 months back
2. they don’t provide statements via email
3. In order to get the statements, they would have to be mailed. 
4. it’s £5 per statement.

what a bunch of crap.

So we got a letter from immigration today. It basically said we hadn’t paid the sufficient amount for the request for an extended stay? Which is weird because in order to pay online, you select from drop-down menus and pick which thing you’re paying for, and then it comes up with the amount for you.

Anyway, they said it’s the only reason why they’re returning the application, so I assume everything else is okay? They’ve given us 90 days to re-submit with a receipt of the correct amount and then it goes through processing again.

Which, I suppose is good news, because if we weren’t eligible, they’d have said so, right? So we’ve decided we’re gonna mail off all the applications together when we resubmit then they’ve got it all. So yeah, gotta get my photos taken for my background check and get that sent off. 


it’s melissa BELL

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so I got some clothes from H&M online last year. Entered my card details on their site and about 2 months later, received a letter threatening me with an £8 charge.
So I called them up and asked why they didn’t take the payment if they had my card details and they were like “oh, you have to do a bank transfer. If you just pay what you owe for the goods, I’ll get rid of the charge on your account.”

So I did. I paid it. And now, I have a £35 charge from whoever they do their money business with because some incompetent moron didn’t do their job right.
Luckily, the guy on the phone said just to email them my bank statement proving I paid it and all will be fine. Only problem now is, my online banking seems to have lost ALL of my transactions. 

Calling over Skype is the best I can do and the signal is terrible. ugh. people. things.

I’ve been getting up super early recently. Like, 8am ish. Today I had a lie in until 9.15 and it literally felt like midday when I got up.

I’ve been pretty busy up until now. Did some, dishes, vacuuming and then cleaned the bathroom and mopped the floor throughout the bathroom, hall and kitchen.

After that, I went outside and took up all the weeds around our bushes and around the patio. I still got a few left but I got the worst of them out. Encountered a few spiders and Vespa came to keep me company.

In fact, Vespa spent most of her time rolling around on the car park like the goofball she is. At some point she tottered off to the other side. I think she spotted some kind of critter to hunt. 

But yeah, our bushes look WAY better now and seeing as I had a lot of left over soil from the other day, I planted our mint plant at the front of the bushes. Mint plants tend to ‘take over’ so to speak, so by taking it out of a pot, it’ll more than likely spread through the bushes by itself. This should hopefully eliminate any fleas wanting to take refuge in our bush…. and we can pick the leaves anytime we feel like having mint tea or something.

I’m hoping this summer I can get us some more decorative plants for the patio, including some sort of chairs & table. A couple more bird feeders would be good too. So far, no birds have come to hang out but I think they will soon enough.

I’ve also walked downtown to the bank to get a bunch of change for the laundry and I’m really sleepy now.

aaand we’re back.

Bought a bird feeder and some suet. It smells really good so hopefully we’ll wake up to the sound of birds having their breakfast tomorrow :3